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Stay safe. Stay stylish.

Keep your loved ones safe this year, through antimicrobial products, made with style.

Keeping you safe, stylishly

We design antimicrobial sanitisers that keep you and your loved ones safe, whilst looking luxurious. 

safe and stylish

No more boring hand sanitizers.

Who said hand sanitizers needed to be boring? We are here to make safety, stylish again. 

We know it's hard to keep your loved ones safe.

With so much information out there, it's confusing to know what to choose. 

  • It's difficult to know which is safer than the other. 
  • Many hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, which research has shown to dry out your hands.
  • We don't often know whether the products we use are eco-friendly.
  • Although hand sanitizers may have been given for free, how good are they, really? 

What makes us different

Why Choose SG Guard?

  • Easy to use - Spray, and it's done. That simple.
  • Long-lasting protection - Once sprayed, it offers you 24 hours of protection.
  • Safe on most surfaces - Whether it be your luxury leather in your car, or your child's plastic toy, SG Guard's technology will be safe to apply.
  • Non-toxic - With 0% alcohol, and using resonance technology to protect you, this ensures that you and your loved ones are safe. 

Why this?

safe for babies

With no alcohol in our hand sanitizers, this makes it safe to apply on children's toys, without your child being exposed to the risk of ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 

Long lasting

Our hand sanitizers last for 24 hours, after each application.

No more constantly spraying, just to get the effects!


Our hand sanitizers are extremely fast in killing pathogens, compared to other hand sanitizers in the market. 

kills 99.99% of bacteria

Based on our lab tests, our hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of bacteria. 

Resonance technology

We are the first and only company in the world to be using resonance technology for disinfection. 

Singapore technology

Proudly developed in Singapore, this assures you that our technology strictly adheres to Singapore's high standards of health safety.

Here’s what past customers have said.

Understated safety, in a well-designed luxury bottle. 

Whenever we think of hand sanitizers, we think of boring plastic bottles. But when I first started using SG Guard's Hand Sanitiser, it was understated style and safety.

From its design, you could immediately see that much had been done to think about its design, so that it wouldn't have look like another ugly plastic bottle on the table. Instead, it was gold, and turn to open, which was just such a unique way of thinking about it. 

John Lim

My mum gave me this, but it was so easy to use!

I confess. When my mum gave me this, I didn't initially want to use it. She just wanted to keep me safe. But I just tried it anyway. 

It was so easy to use. Just turn, and spray, and immediately I could start eating my food, without worrying about bacteria. 

Agabus eng
Student Intern

1. tech-first

To keep you safe, we innovate with nanotechnology. 

2. Design-centric

We design products that delight you, from packaging to eventual use. 

3. Global

Partnering across the world, we use the best design and manufacturing technologies to bring you the best. 

who we are

We are invested in keeping you safe. 

SG Guard Global is a Nanotechnology based startup headquartered in Singapore.

We specialize in the development, manufacturing and global distribution of environmental friendly, innovative and effective antimicrobial solutions.

We are committed to innovate and collaborate with industries all over the world to enhance the way of life. 

Using advanced technologies and manufacturing capabilities, we value-add and inject efficiency throughout every stage of product development including manufacturing process, bringing designs to life with precision.

At SG Guard, we believe that our relentless innovation, invention and strategic partnership with business leaders and organizations across Asia and Europe adds strength to our valued customers.

Being a startup, we aspire to be a market leader in our field. SG Guard Global continues to develop new products and industry application via strong base of scientific, technical and training support.


Contact us

22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore, 573969, Singapore


+65 9765 2979


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