About Us

Company Profile

SG Guard Global is a Nanotechnology based startup headquartered in Singapore,

We specialize in the development, manufacturing and global distribution of environmental friendly, innovative and effective antimicrobial solutions. It is SG Guard’s commitment to innovate and collaborate with industries all over the world to enhance the way of life. Using advance technologies and manufacturing capabilities, we value-add and inject efficiency throughout every stage of product development including manufacturing process, bringing designs to life with precision.

Our partners further benefits from working with us as we act as their gateway to Asia, Europe and North & South America.

At SG Guard, we believe that our relentless innovation, invention and strategic partnership with business leaders and organizations across Asia and Europe add strength to our valued customers. Being a startup, we aspire to be a market leader in our field. SG Guard Global continues to develop new products and industry application via strong base of scientific, technical and training support.

Our Team Profile & Advisors

Mr. David Kuttan
(Chief Executive Officer- Global)

Mr. James Lam
(Chief Operating Officer - Global)

Ms. Sharmishtha
(Business Development – India)

Mr. Donald Tong
(Business Development – China)

Ms. Diana Gentania
(Business Development – Indonesia)

Mr. Bobby Seah
(Business Development - Singapore)

Mr. Chirag Adlakha
(Sales Director – India)

Mr. Lam Chun See
(Productivity Advisor – Singapore)

Mr. Swayne
(Chief Designer)